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Does this sound like you?

You are waking up

You feel that there's a bigger purpose

Yet you feel lost & confused

You feel that no one understands you

Your emotions, moods and life is now a rollercoaster

Yet you are done with feeling powerless

You 're ready to turn your awakening knowledge to something powerful

You're ready to step into your full awakening potential


"A strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep"

Vernon Howard

You are in the right place. And you hold all the power needed to

create your extraordinary awakening life

When we go through our awakening, our life tends to turn inside out. What we once knew as true is no longer the case. Your awakening involves building a new life by discovering who you truly are. 

How to know if my support along your awakening is right for you:

1. Your Empath abilities are emerging

For a lot of people going through their awakening, it is a natural process to also experience the rise in their empath abilities with an increase in sensitivity to the outside world. Some people may see this as a burden as their worlds become chaotic, loud and overwhelming. People often begin sheltering themselves from the outside world as a form of protection, but inadvertently they create barriers between themselves and the world around them. But with the right skills, understandings, and techniques, you can learn how to turn your empath skills into your gift for humanity. Your empath gifts just may be the key to the raising of the collective consciousness. 

2. You know you're made for something more, but what?

As you begin your awakening journey, your purpose in life changes. Often this could be changes in career, relationships, interests, and overall life focus. But in what direction? You feel that you don't know anything else outside of the world that you have spent so long building. Not only this, but you're afraid to let go of the life you have constructed before your awakening. You think to yourself, "is it really possible for me to live out my purpose?"


3. You've gained the awakening/esoteric wisdom, but now what?

A large part of awakening is receiving an immense amount of downloads of wisdom and knowledge that you didn't think it was possible to attain (like overnight!). But yes, it's happening. You're now like a walking encyclopedia for awakening knowledge, however, you're finding it difficult to put it all into practice. You've learnt everything you could about the law of attraction, yet you can't seem to manifest what you want. You've read all about the art of meditation and being present, yet you snap it at the slightest moments? Being able to turn your knowledge into something practical is what's truly going to help you raise your vibration. This is going to take practice and guidance. 

4. You want to step into your power as a healer, lightworker

Perhaps you feel that your purpose now has to do with helping others heal along their awakening and spiritual journey, but you're experiencing obstacles to reach this place. Often this is the case because you're carrying around emotional blockages that have yet to be released. This work of trigger releasing can be done with the right guidance and support from an experienced mentor. 

And overall, the awakening journey can just simply be a web and very chaotic to navigate. If you simply need the support to move through this current chapter in your life with love and compassion, then I believe that our connection is not a coincidence. 

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