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TASK 1: Journal and reflect on the developmental themes in the first energy centers and capture any parallels to your current experiences.

E.g. What themes do you identify with?

What experiences did you have that reflect these themes?

What relationships did you have with your parent/s or care givers that bring about these themes?

Which themes do you see that you currently still experience and struggle with?

Further exploration: answer the prompting questions in the last slide.

TASK 2: Watch the documentary Free Solo. Identify the main person's:

- Developmental trauma/themes

- How has his developmental trauma manifested in his adult life?

- What beliefs did he form from his themes?

- How does his beliefs affect his relationships today?

(you will notice that he possesses themes more than just in his first energy center. Reflect back to this documentary as you continue to watch the next few videos.)

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