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How I can support you along your awakening journey

You don't have to go through this awakening experience alone, scared and lost. My intention is to give my best support, love, and guidance that will be for your highest good. 

If you're ready to be challenged and raise your consciousness, then here are some of the ways I can walk along side and support you along your inner transformation. 

1-on-1 Mentoring
For the deep divers

This program is for the deep divers, the ones who are ready and willing to undergo the deepest transformations. We will be spending either 3, 6 or 9 months together. That means I will get to know you on the rawest and most authentic level. I will have the opportunity to uncover your hidden emotional and mental blockages as they subtly appear in your life and I will help you navigate through them as they appear.

Your life will undergo a transformation where your old self will no longer exist. You will shed old you and start to create your newest, most powerful, courageous and authentic self. 

Having extensive time with me will allow you to bring up struggles and challenges with me as they emerge and then being able to navigate through them. We will be running this marathon together every step of the way. 

Group Mentoring 
The Shift Experience

This intensive 3 month program will be experienced with a small group of passionate individuals. This intimate environment will allow you to learn from others vulnerable stories as well as have a place to share your own. A group offers the magical element of intense group moral and support like no other. 

Over the few months, we will be peeling back the layers of you and whats holding you back and how you can then move forward with the acquired new skills, strategies and a new you. Here's what you can expect within the group program:

  • Identifying and releasing emotional blockages

  • Re-writing your story

  • Learning how to step into your abundance (manifestations)

  • Learning the world of quantum physics and incorporating that into your everyday life to experience magic

  • shadow work 

  • balancing the masculine and feminine energy

  • love, support and connection from other waking group member

  • and many more adventures

(The Shift Program is currently closed for enrolment. If you're interested for more information or to be on the waiting list for the next round, please send me an email)

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