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Unblock Your First 3 Energy Centers By Releasing Lower Frequencies From Your Developmental Years

Bring To Your Awareness The Subconscious Conditionings That Occured In Your Childhood To Break Free Of Your Limiting Beliefs, Lower Frequency States And Illusions To Tap Into Your Truest Self



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Why Explore Our Developmental Traumas?

Our beliefs, thoughts, actions...just overall reality, is heavily shaped by our experiences as a child. Some people don't think it's necessary to go back, or may even feel reluctant to venture back because they are afraid of what they may find.


But going back to my developmental years (0-12 years) has been the number one crucial ingredient to me tapping into my highest alignment as of today. Doing so has given me the potential and opportunity to face subtle traumas in my life that has been unknowingly holding me back from my Truest Self.


Many tend to focus on various manifestation techniques to draw in their ideal reality. But what most don't realise is that these tools and strategies only work once we have cleaned out what has been keeping us out of alignment for so long. Once I figured this out, I was able to effortlessly manifest my home, my clients, all inclusive trip to Chicago and a lifestyle that is abundant beyond ways I could ever imagine!


In order to manifest our highest life and raise our consciousness, we must first release the very things that are holding us back - and from experience with myself and my clients, the very things that are holding us back are found in our early years (hidden and forgotten). 


How This Works

This course is designed to help you begin your journey of shadow work. The videos included will help you pull out forgotten crucial developmental moments and events in your life, and bring them to your awareness. 


This is about BUILDING AWARENESS. We cannot create any shifts or changes within our consciousness until we have awareness of what it is that has been holding us back and what it is that we want (and are ready for) to let go.


You will begin to see the connection of your limiting selfs today and how they came about from your early years.


What you can expect from this 4-part series:


  • Step 1: Introduction on why it is important to combine the understanding of energy centers and developmental trauma


  • Step 2: Exploration of the first 3 energy centers: understand the responsibilities of each energy center and its connection to our mind, body and spirit


  • Step 3: Deep diving of the developmental trauma themes found within each 3 energy center


  • Step 4: Unpacking our own energetic blocks at each developmental stages


What You Get

✅ 4 Guided Learning Videos


✅ Downloadable Guide Sheet (to help you unpack your developmental trauma


✅ Lifetime Access To The Course


✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! (if you didn't like the course then I will refund 100% of your money back!)


***AFTER SALE ENDS - $189aud***

I felt like I had released so much emotional baggage that I was unknowingly carrying after finishing the course! I had no idea how the tiniest of tiny moments in my childhood could have such a large impact on my life now! But now I see it, and I can choose to love it all. Thank you, Linh.

- Belinda

"This makes so much sense now!" was all I could keep thinking as I was watching the vids. My developmental trauma explained so much as to why I kept getting stuck in the same relationship problems over and over again. I feel so grateful to be able to gain this awareness for myself so now i can start working on a new me :) :)

- Mel