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United States

I cannot express how beneficial and transformative my time with Linh has been. I was stuck in a deep depression before working with Linh. She truly has gifted empath skills. Sometimes discussions got tough but her kindness, love and intuitive understanding created warmth for me and opened me up to see a whole new world. 

I feel so empowered now going through my awakening that I am now working towards helping others just like Linh!

I highly recommend Linh to anyone who feels alone, misunderstood and confused on this journey. She truly is a gift to us. 


United States

I've been looking for a guide or mentor for some time now to help through my awakening time as no one in my life understood it. I came across Linh and was immediately drawn to her authenticness. She was true and raw from beginning to end. I feel that I made a true friend also!

You can really tell that she honestly wants to love and support you all the way. She really helped me gain the insight that I had the ability in me all along to be the true me. 



I've struggled my entire life with my motivation to exercise. I've joined the gym and quit. I've tried so many times over the years. With the help from Linh and this program, I finally pushed through my mental barriers, and for the first time, I have managed to remain consistent in exercising!

As your coach, Linh is refreshingly honest. Her warm aura, positive outlook on life and roadblocks, as well as her ability to foster a supportive environment is what differentiates this program from others or from a self development book. This program has pushed me in a way I haven't been able to do on my own, as Linh was there to keep me accountable. 

As she reveals the ways in which your life has been unconsciously programmed and how this has been holding you back, she prepares you for your next stage in life: the powerful process of stepping into your most authentic and courageous self. 



Linh completely changed the way I saw myself and the world. I finally realised the power of our thoughts. Before the program, I wasn't taking responsibility for the situations in my life, however after, I realised that if I was to want any changes made on the outside world, I was going to need to change up my inside world (you have to believe what you want to achieve). 

Linh heard me and understood my stories every step of the way. Linh doesn't tell us what we want to hear to make us feel better in the moment, but instead she tells us what needs to be heard. I am really thankful for that. 

Even though people in our team were from different regions, Linh was able to create a comforting and safe place for us to build close friendships. I loved the program as I felt motivated after every session, I could see where and what I could improve more. I've learned so many things, thanks to everyone!



Linh has helped me become aware of the roles that people play around me and how that has impacted my growth process. The program has given me the tools and mindset to start taking control of my life and finally begin to do the things that I truly love but have been putting off for years because of fear. 

Before the program, I was living unintentionally and unaware of what I truly wanted in life, but now, I have a clearer vision of what truly matters to me and will bring me value and fulfilment. 

And I was grateful enough to make valuable friends along the way in this program! :)



After joining the program, I realised that I had been neglecting myself for so long, I finally learnt how to love myself for the first time and that it is me who gets to choose how I live out my world. 

My advice for future students is that you need to make the first move to better your life. Linh is there to help you along your journey by sharing her insights, tools and strategies, but at the end of the day, its you who makes the choices. 

I would recommend anyone who is feeling lost in their way of life to join Linh's program, she will show you the way to a better and fulfilling life! 

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