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I help people through their awakening journey to live as their highest self.

My spiritual journey began as earliest as I can remember. I recall experiencing life as if I was living in a foreign place - not understanding the societal rules and expectations, unable to deeply connect with the life happening around me, wondering why life was as so. 

Whilst this confusion continued to dance around me, I unknowingly held onto my intuitive empath abilities and proceeded to enhance them. For those fellow intuitive empaths out there, I'm sure you can relate to this - I struggled immensely as a child as I felt bombarded with peoples feelings, thoughts and intentions. It never felt quiet (yet quiet was my haven) and my emotions always seemed to fuse with others around me. I guess you can say, I was 'overly sensitive'.

As I entered the age of adventuring into the world of discovering who you are through career and study choices, I collapsed and caved into the pressures of society.

I began a corporate career in something that was well recognised by others, yet untouching for my soul. 

I spiralled into an unnoticeable case of depression and intense anxiety (it was as if my higherself was screaming "this is not your highest path!"

Then came 2012 - the year I first consciously experienced my awakening. It was triggered by various stress and anxiety induced events that basically shook me awake. I wish I could say it was all rainbows and sunshine after that, but it was far from all of that. The awakening journey left me bare, lonely, lost and confused. During this time there was not much on the internet/youtube about the awakening, so I had no one to turn to. I was navigating on my own. 

I spent the next couple of years learning and adjusting my way through my awakening by reading all the books I could get my hands on - Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Wayne Dyer and other great spiritual teachers, as well changing my career path to something more heart oriented - Counselling. My empath skills developed immensely whereby I was able to constructively use it to support others in my career as a Counsellor. My connection to Source/The Divine/Universe/God strengthed and I felt more safe and braver than I ever felt before. 

And now here I am. If you're reading this then I'm happy to say that I found my way home - I found my purpose. I quit my 9-5 as a Counsellor working for various NGOs (I am forever grateful for) and took a leap to pursue connecting and supporting others who are now going through what I experienced in 2012 and my early awakening years. 

My work with other awakening souls involves fusing esoteric knowledge, that I receive through my downloads and learnings, with the mindset and turning them into something practical so others can transform their lives and realities. I heavily lean on my intuitive empath gifts, counselling skills and channeled guidance from the Divine to help people through their awakening. 

I believe nothing more than being a part of strengthening the collective consciousness by connecting and supporting others heal themselves along their awakening journey. 

I am here to help walk along side those who are ready to take that leap, just like I did. I am here to support those who are ready to take back their power and finally live a life of true happiness and fulfillment - life after the awakening.  

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