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Helping you through your
spiritual awakening journey
Labyrinth Mandala Celtic Gold Foil (15).
Bridging together the collective conciousness


"This program has pushed me in a way I haven't been able to do on my own as Linh was there to keep me accountable...she prepares you for your next stage in life: the powerful process of stepping into your most authentic and courageous self"

Stephanie, Australia


"Life begins where fear ends"

- Osho 

My soul purpose is to help you connect to your truest self, to live a life of authenticity and fulfilment by uncovering your fullest potential as you experience your awakening journey. As a qualified Counsellor and Mentor, I will help guide you through your inner transformation by fusing esoteric and awakening knowledge with mindset and practicality to live a life beyond fear and self-judgement. 

This awakening journey can be lonely and confusing, but it doesn't have to be. My intention is to help you navigate through your journey by using my intuitive empath abilities, own awakening experiences and channeled guidance from the Divine. 

It's time you begin your journey of returning home. Your higherself calls and your soul awaits. Your awakening has just begun. 



If you're reading this then most likely you are going through your awakening experience.

I don't believe in mere coincidences. Your higherself has chosen and trusted that you are ready to awaken during this time on Earth for a very particular purpose - your soul purpose. 

Your higherself also knows that being here on Earth is not an easy matter and with it comes struggles. 

But again, you will not be experiencing this awakening if your higherself did not believe that you have the strength and courage to overcome them, raise your consciousness and ultimately contribute to the raising of the collective consciousness. 

I believe nothing more than being able to connect to this awakening to tap into a higher frequency way of living and being. 

You are not constrainted by your human experiences, even if they have been traumatic or unpleasant. You are here to use them and transform them into your strengths and create a beacon of light for others to follow suit as they too choose to wake up. 


The deepest way to work with Linh. Dare to confront, embrace and challenge yourself and create some life changing experiences


An intimate collaborative way to uncover what has been blocking you towards experiencing your highest self.

"you had the power all along, my dear"

Glenda, the good witch


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